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Amalgam Podcast Network

Who is Amalgam Podcast Network?

The Amalgam Podcast Network is a source for anyone, of any age, race, interest and passion to create and develop a way to share your thoughts and desires online through Podcasts.  Originally just Geek Stuff off the Cuff, a podcast hosted by Jared Wade, Tony Schaab and occasionally Emily Schaab, that focuses on Technology, Movies, Music, Weddings, Zombies… and pretty much anything else in their lives, Jared (aka the owner) converted to a network quickly to allow others to join and start creating content of their passion.

To date, Geek Stuff off the Cuff is the core podcast.  Pre-production has started on Life’s Riddle, a podcast focused on living with Autism in your friend and family circle, as well as an Interior Design podcast, hosted by a local Interior Design company.  On slate, we have 4 additional podcasts that are in development that will reach out to Comic Book lovers, Sports Fans, Voice Over/Animation seekers and Marvel/DC Television/Movies.Interested in joining the team, and putting something that you love out there for everyone to enjoy as well?  Let us know!